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Teri Cagle, Trainer
Pony Express Riding School
at Hoofhaven Farms

4777 South Mission Road
Fallbrook, CA 92028

Phone: (760) 729-5088

Map/Directions to Hoofhaven Farms


We board horses that are both in and out of our training programs. We feed alfalfa hay and Bermuda grass up to four flakes in two feedings daily. Pens are assigned and cleaned once a day. Management reserves the right to reassign pens due to horses' personalities. Requests for pen reassignments are reviewed by management and considered by seniority.

Boarding Fees:

24' x 24' Call for pricing
24' x 48' Call for pricing
55' x 60' Call for pricing

Additional Services:

  • Blanketing - owner's winter blanket or sheet, off in morning, on in evening - $25.00/month;
  • Mane Pulling - $15.00;
  • Clipping - face, bridle path & fetlock - $15.00;
  • Full Body Clip - $150.00;
  • Exercise/Turnout, Longe or Walk - twice weekly $80.00;
  • Horse Show Trainer Fee - $50.00 day.